Trump and Biden: Worst Candidates Ever?

As it becomes increasingly apparent that the candidates for President in 2024 will be Joe Biden and Donald Trump in a rematch of their 2020 campaign, it is understandable why Americans are so pessimistic about the future direction of the country.

Both men by far will be the oldest presidential candidates ever in our history, with Biden clocking in at 82 and Trump at 78. (Ronald Reagan was 69 when he first ran for President). And please, don’t tell us that we’re being ageist. The job of President of the United States is 24/7/365 and requires stamina and energy, traits that both men are sorely lacking.

Both are barely able to put together a complete sentence, let alone two (just read the transcripts of any of their interviews or speeches without a teleprompter) and Biden’s mental faculties are diminishing almost on a daily basis. Biden has barely held any press conferences and when he does, he only responds to questions that mostly have been submitted in advance, a sign that his handlers know fully well that his mental acuity is severely diminished.

However, even more troubling than their advanced age are the scandals and legal troubles that will become the focus of their upcoming campaigns. We do not need to go into Trump’s well-known myriad of legal problems, but Biden’s issues with his son Hunter have become front-and-center in recent weeks.

What is most troubling about the Hunter Biden matter is Joe Biden’s insistence, “My son has done nothing wrong,” the President said on MSNBC in May. “I trust him. I have faith in him, and it impacts my Presidency by making me feel proud of him.” (Whatever that’s supposed to mean.)

However, Hunter Biden was willing to plead guilty to income tax charges, acknowledge his guilt in obtaining a handgun in violation of the law, AND wanted to be cleared of other possible crimes in a plea bargain deal that ultimately fell apart — yet Joe Biden insists his “son has done nothing wrong?”

Even more significant and troubling are the many shady business deals by which Hunter Biden enriched himself based solely on his father’s position. For example, when Hunter Biden flew with his father, who was then the vice-president, to China, he met with his “business associates” and 10 days later made a deal that netted him millions of dollars.

Although the majority of Americans would like to move on from both Biden and Trump, it would appear that we’re stuck with them — creating a campaign that will feature the most unpopular, and arguably the worst, candidates in American history — one of whom is running to keep himself out of jail and the other to keep his son out of jail.

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