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Integrity Review Bureau Received 17 New Cases in 2022

The Suffolk County unit that investigates claims of innocence, wrongful convictions, unjust sentences and other criminal court irregularities received 17 new cases for screening in 2022 and currently has 38 cases awaiting initial review, District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced.

In addition to the cases awaiting review, the Integrity Review Bureau (IRB) has five cases selected for further investigation and three cases that will likely result in recommendations for relief, Hayden said.

“The IRB’s work is vital in bringing attention and remediation to cases where justice has not been served or has been inequitably applied.  We are fully aware of the power we possess as prosecutors and as investigators, and we will always use that power to secure just convictions and to address unjust convictions,” Hayden said.

The current IRB structure, dating to 2019, was built upon the office’s DNA Committee, started in 2002, and its Conviction Integrity Program, started in 2012.  In its current inception the IRB has received 108 applications for review, which have to date resulted in 18 defendants receiving some form of relief.  The relief includes nine recommendations regarding convictions, four regarding sentencing, and five regarding other forms of relief, such as support for parole or commutation.

The IRB has continually refined its application and online Case Inquiry Form, with the latest revisions having been made in spring and summer of 2022.  The goal is to make the application form and process accessible for anyone seeking review of a conviction or sentence.

“Making the application form as easy as possible to access and complete goes a long way when it’s used by inmates or others with limited access to computers and the internet.  This is an advantageous blend of technology and justice system access,” Hayden said.

The IRB has dramatically reduced its response time to case inquiries received through the office’s website portal.  Response time in 2020, with the IRB in its infancy and with a backlog of inherited cases, was over two weeks.  Response time dropped to under three days in 2021 and under two days in 2022. 

Of the 18 cases approved for relief, 14 of the applicants were Black, two were Hispanic and two were White.  One of the applicants was female and the rest were male.  The applicants have collectively served 564 years in prison.

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