Edwards Announces New Endorsements

Lydia Edwards has been endorsed in the special election to the State Senate by: the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters (NASRCC) and member union Pile Drivers Local 56; and United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 1445. Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. General Election Day is January 11, 2022.

 “We are pleased to support Lydia Edwards for State Senate because she shares our values and has worked to provide opportunity and fairness for all workers. As a Boston City Councilor, she has been an advocate for responsible development that provides family-sustaining wages and benefits, promotes apprenticeship and ensures worker safety,” said Joe Byrne, NASRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer. “While union members in Boston enjoy these benefits, there are still many workers who do not have the opportunities and protections they deserve. Wage theft and tax fraud are far too prevalent and not enough employers participate in comprehensive skills training programs that turn a good job into a great career. We believe Lydia Edwards will bring knowledge, experience and hard work to fight for these issues at the State House and will make an excellent State Senator.”

“Pile Drivers Local 56 appreciates Lydia Edwards’ strong commitment to creating work opportunities with livable wages and good benefits for working families in Boston,” said Business Manager David Borrus. “Lydia has a solid record of legal action on behalf of workers, and supporting meaningful labor legislation especially for transportation infrastructure. Lydia has been a strong voice for labor as a City Councilor, and we are proud to support her campaign for Massachusetts Senate.”

 In their endorsement of Lydia, UFCW 1445 wrote:  

“We are excited and proud to support our sister, Lydia Edwards, in her campaign for State Senate. Lydia’s efforts on behalf of working families are unmatched and they extend far beyond her own union membership. For her entire career, she has stood up for the people who need it the most. She has never backed down from a fight for good, and we know that she will take that same spirit to the State House. Lydia is the clear choice for the First Suffolk & Middlesex District.”

Edwards endorsed by UAW Region 9A, Iron Workers Local 7, and Massachusetts State Council of Machinists.

Lydia Edwards has been endorsed in the special election to State Senate by: the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, UAW Region 9A; International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 7; and the Massachusetts State Council of Machinists. Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. General Election Day is January 11, 2022.

“We are excited to endorse one of our own members, Lydia Edwards, for the First Suffolk and Middlesex Senate Seat,” said Beverley Brakeman, Regional Director for UAW Region 9A. “Beginning with her amazing work at Greater Boston Legal Services, under UAW Local 2320, to her time in the Boston City Council, Lydia has always been a champion of working people. Lydia’s focus on progressive values and her inclusive style of leadership is what has made her so successful. Lydia cares deeply about the issues we advocate for every day – the right to organize, worker protections, affordable housing, food security, healthcare, and more. We know that Lydia will push back against the system and address every issue through a lens of equity, justice, and transparency. UAW Region 9A will stand behind Lydia all the way to the State House.”

“Residents of Boston and all of Massachusetts’ cities and towns are finding it difficult to make ends meet in this global economy and troubling times,” said Daniel McWilliams, President of Iron Workers Local 7. “We know that Lydia understands our views and will continue in that same manner protecting the working families of tomorrow. We need more people like Lydia that are willing to do the hard work required, such as bringing people together to have challenging conversations.”

The Massachusetts State Council is part of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, representing more than 1,500 machinists in Greater Boston. The State Council of Machinists voted unanimously to endorse Lydia Edwards, saying of Lydia:

“The Executive Board members of the Massachusetts State Council of Machinists feel that you are the one candidate in the race that will represent the issues and challenges that are facing the working families of our Union and those in Massachusetts. Thank you for demonstrating to us that you have the ambition and courage to stand up for working people. We fully support you in your campaign.”

The UAW Region 9A proudly serves over 30,000 active and retired members in all the New England states, New York City, and Puerto Rico. Their membership is very diverse, including legal aid attorneys and staff, technical and office professionals, childcare workers, graduate student workers and postdoctoral researchers, auto repair technicians, museum and cultural institution workers, draftsmen and women, light manufacturing workers, casino dealers and more.

Lydia Edwards is a fierce advocate for workers’ rights. In the Senate, she’ll continue her strong record of passing legislation and delivering resources and results for working people. As a member of the United Auto Workers, Lydia knows the power of a union, but she also knows that every worker, organized or not, deserves dignity, fair compensation and freedom from harassment in the workplace. Lydia Edwards has stood with workers in the hospitality industry, service workers at Logan Airport, student workers in our higher education system, teachers, Brazilian immigrant workers and many others.

Lydia Edwards is a candidate for State Senate representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District, following the departure of Senator Joseph A. Boncore. 

Councilor Lydia Edwards is a career advocate, activist, and voice on behalf of society’s most vulnerable. She is currently the Chair of the Committee on Government Operations and the Committee on Housing and Community Development in the Boston City Council. Learn more at LydiaEdwards.org/meet-lydia.

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