Boston Mayoral Candidate and Former EBHS Teacher Annissa Essaibi George Releases Education Plan

On Tuesday At-Large City Councilor, former East Boston High School teacher and current Boston Mayoral Candidate Annissa Essaibi George released her education plan.

Before entering the political arena, Essaibi George taught Economics, Business Management and Health and Human Services to juniors and seniors at East Boston High School and served as the school’s assistant softball coach for 14 years before being elected to the Council in 2015. 

“As a former Boston Public Schools teacher, a mother of four BPS students, and Chair of the Boston City Council’s Education Committee, I know that we have to make changes to our public schools in order to provide every one of our students the quality education they deserve,” said Essaibi George. “Today, I released my Education and Child Care plan that focuses on providing high quality schools for every student in each of our neighborhoods. The inconsistency in the quality of our schools is directly linked to declining enrollment, a widening opportunity and achievement gap, and a lack of trust in BPS to provide our kids with a great education.”

Throughout her tenure on the Council Essaibi George has emerged as a champion for students, educators, and families. 

Informed by her time in the classrooms at EBHS and by the ideas and lived experiences of advocates, experts, families, educators, students and Boston residents Essaibi George said the plan includes short- and long-term solutions to rebuild an equitable school system, increase trust within our school communities, and prioritize and invest in child care infrastructure. 

“As a former Boston Public Schools teacher, a BPS graduate, a mother to four BPS students, and the current Chair of Boston City Council’s Committee on Education, I’ve held a front row seat to the challenges facing Boston families–both in and out of our public school system,” said Essaibi George. “I’ve seen firsthand the school to prison pipeline. I’ve seen the heartbreaking repercussions of not having food access or housing, a stable income and affordable health and mental health care. These are all issues that I can and will take on as Mayor of Boston.”

Essaibi George said the greatest challenge facing BPS is that not every student is receiving a high quality education. 

“The variations in the quality of schools are directly linked to declining enrollment, a widening opportunity and achievement gap, and a lack of trust in BPS to provide our kids with the education they deserve,” she said. “The inequities among our schools and across learning opportunities, facilities, and student support services, continue to exacerbate existing racial and economic disparities for students. That needs to end.”

She said her education priorities if elected mayor would be to close the opportunity and achievement gap. 

“In order to accomplish this we must begin with establishing equitable baseline standards and resources in every school,” said Essaibi George. “We also need to implement consistent, district-wide curriculum standards to reduce disparities between schools and ensure that every BPS school is providing high quality academics. This also starts by establishing a structured literacy program for every child from pre K-3. And then also, I’ve said this before, we need to be investing in vocational and technical education here in Boston to ensure our students are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities in our labor market. I will prioritize improvements to Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and vocational programs in BPS to provide our students with a strong foundation for lifelong success and career readiness after graduation.”

You can read the full plan at 

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