Councilor Edwards Launches Re-election Campaign with Virtual Kickoff

Last Friday night District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards kicked off her re-election campaign for a third term with a virtual celebration on Facebook. 

The event included a speech by Edwards as well as remarks from guest speakers and colleagues like Rep. Adrian Madaro and Sen. Joseph Boncore. 

Addressing her supporters at the virtual event Edwards said the theme of 2021 and her campaign is a rebound from 2020 with hope of a brighter future for all. 

“This is the comeback year,” said Edwards last Friday. “This is the comeback year for our city. This is the comeback year for all of us individually. You know 2020 was, for many of us-myself included–a very painful year. There were some unexpected losses. We all had plans and beautiful things that we wanted to see happen but they couldn’t happen. It was a year of reflection and this year will be a year of action for me.”

Edwards said she does not just want the city to be “Boston Strong” for 2021 but “Boston Stronger”. 

“I want us to be the strongest we’ve ever been,” said Edwards. “I want us to be stronger, smarter and bolder. To be so unafraid because of what we have seen throughout this pandemic. We didn’t look at some things directly in the past. A lot of things that we ignored before and how bad some of the inequities were . We didn’t have a choice not to see them during this pandemic. We didn’t have a choice not to see the food lines, not to see people who are facing eviction …we didn’t have a choice. And so now here we are and we’re going to recover and we’re going to do it in a way that sees all of that, and addresses it as well. We’re coming back stronger than ever before.”

Edwards said Eastie is used to fighting and, with the help of her colleagues, will continue to fight for the residents of the neighborhood. 

“Yes, we have been in fights and we’re going to continue fighting on things like the (Eversource) substation,” said Edwards. “It’s a matter of environmental justice, it’s a matter of what communities get burdened with industrial things and what communities don’t and we just don’t, take things lying down in East Boston. We’re okay with the fight, we’re okay with a long-term generational fight because at the end of the day we’re fighting for our future. We’re fighting for our homes so we’re going to fight and we’re going to continue to stay on focused and we’re going to look towards our future in East Boston.”

Edwards highlighted many of her accomplishments during her first two terms like revamping the Zoning Board of Appeals and securing 20 percent affordable housing at the proposed Suffolk Downs project. 

“I’m hoping what you see is that there’s a huge return on your investment in me,” said Edwards. “I don’t take it lightly that you went out of your way to go and vote for me or that you donated your hard earned money. I don’t take it lightly. The more support I have from all of you, the less I feel afraid of anything that comes my way or the less because I know you have my back. So I’ll be here in the fight as long as you will have me.”

Rep. Adrian Madaro said based on her record anyone would have a big uphill battle to run against Edwards in the upcoming election. 

“I’m very, very proud to call Lydia (Edwards)  a colleague and a friend,” said Madaro. “We have an incredible delegation here in East Boston with Lydia and Sen. (Joseph) Boncore and we do a lot of great work together. That’s why I’m proud to be supporting Lydia’s re-election campaign because the reality is Lydia is a fighter. When she says she’s gonna do something she does it. She walks the walk, doesn’t just talk like so many people in elected office. Whether it’s fighting for housing, fighting for environmental justice on the substation, or fighting to reform City Hall and make it more accessible for residents in East Boston and across the city she is on the front lines doing that work. We are lucky to have Lydia and we are better off as a community because of her work.  Sen. Boncore added, “What Lydia’s done with her council seat is nothing short of amazing. I’m so proud to work on East Boston issues with her. She is such an economic justice warrior, an environmental justice warrior, and a social justice warrior. The work she does in the City Council makes us all proud.”

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