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November HVNA Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of the Harbor View Neighborhood  Association (HVNA) will be on November 2, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be via Zoom.

Please check the website ( for instructions to participate by video or telephone. HVNA will continue to stream the meeting via Facebook live as well as at Facebook,

Welcome/Introduction (5min)

Boston Police Station 7 Update    Officer Dan Simons (10min)

Senior Center Construction Update     Age Strong Commission (5min)

85-87 Horace Street 2nd Presentation and VOTE. Attorney Jeff Drago for owners Adam & Deana Fetherson. Proposal to subdivide the existing parcel, (87 Horace), into two lots. The first, (87 Horace) will contain 3,817 SF and the second (85 Horace) will contain 2,433 SF. Proposal to erect a single family house with multiple variances required for both parcels. (15min).

97 Horace Street 3rd Presentation and VOTE. Attorney Richard Lynds for developer Joseph Trichilo. Subdivide the existing 5,000 SF parcel. New lot will contain 2,112 SF. Proposal to build a 3 Unit Condo with 4 parking spaces. All Units to have 2 beds and 2 baths. (15min)

647-649 Bennington Street 2nd Presentation and VOTE. Attorney Marc LaCasse for owner Barry Caine. Proposal to convert a three family to a two family and subdivide the driveway to construct a new three family on the subdivided lot. (15min).

95-97 Addison Street 2nd Presentation and VOTE. Attorney Mike Ross for developers, Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola. Proposal is to demolish existing home and build 10 Condo Units with 12 parking spaces on a 6,000 SF lot. Addison Street is not zoned for residential units but is for Executive Suites. (15min).

61-63 Horace Street 1st Presentation. Attorney Richard Lynds for owners Terese and Richard Riamondi. The proposal is to build a 3 Unit building with parking. The new building would be built on previously subdivided land adjacent to the owners home. He has since acquired the lot next to the subdivision and has this new proposal for review. (25min)

747-749 Bennington Street 1st Presentation. Attorney Patrick Foley for owner Ken Hubbard. Change the occupancy from 3 residential units to 4 residential units. Legalize existing occupancy of studio apartment at garden level. Install new window and door. (15min)

Our next meeting is December 7, 2020

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