Dining at Michael G’s: Former Eastie Chef Giannasca Grateful for Chelsea’s Warm Reception

Michael Giannasca, who worked at an East Boston family-owned restaurant for 20 years, said he’s “humbled” by the enthusiastic response from area residents to his new restaurant located at Chelsea Commons, 1100 Revere Beach Parkway, in Chelsea.

Giannasca opened Michael’s G’s Restaurant in July and the reception has exceeded expectations, even those of the owner/chef himself.

 “I’m actually surprised and very humbled and grateful to see that business is actually doing as well as it is in the conditions that we’re in,” said Giannasca.

With the seating capacity limited to half due to the state’s social distancing guidelines, there are nights when customers are waiting outside to get a table for one of Michael G’s delicious pasta dishes and pizzas.

The City of Chelsea recently granted Michael G’s restaurant a beer and wine license.

“We’re serving some nice red wines – Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Chianti, – and a bunch of varieties of bottled beers – Sam Adams, Budweiser products, Stella Artois, and Pumpkin,” said Giannasca.

Several East Boston residents, who previously enjoyed Giannasca’s culinary talents, have become regulars at Michael G’s. Chelsea residents are supporting the new restaurant in high numbers.

“Chelsea has been phenomenal,” said Giannasca. “The city itself has embraced the restaurant. City Hall, the Police Department, the Fire Department – they’re here constantly. I grew up here in Chelsea so it’s very humbling to see people come out whom I haven’t seen in years – people who knew my family in general. And the support from my former diners in East Boston – I’m so grateful for their support as well.”

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