NOAH Receives Boston Resiliency Funding

Eastie’s Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) that has focused on helping residents during the COVID-19 pandemic received additional grant money from the Boston Resiliency Fund this week.

Mayor Martin Walsh announced the fund’s Steering Committee distributed $500,000 in funding to the Eastie organization as well as 17 others across Boston during the 11th round of the Boston Resiliency Fund.

NOAH has been helping to support the neighborhood’s most vulnerable residents since the pandemic began.

“Through the generosity of so many individuals and organizations, the Boston Resiliency Fund has allowed us to support over 225,000 Boston families in every neighborhood of our city,” said Mayor Walsh. “We will continue to use this incredible generosity to partner with our most impactful community based organizations to support our residents and families in need.”

NOAH’s Executive Director Phil Giffee said NOAH will use the funding to provide emergency gift cards to Boston households severely impacted by the pandemic, especially those facing financial hardship and/or experiencing homelessness.

NOAH’s staff, volunteers, and partners will distribute emergency grocery gifts to between 50 and 70 households weekly. The amounts of the emergency grocery gift cards given will range from $50 to $200, depending on the size of the households.

“NOAH is proud to partner with the City in these life-saving emergency relief measures,” said Giffee. “With the weakened economy and so many layoffs, thousands of hard working families are bereft of income. It is down to survival for adults and children. Fortunately we will live in a community which has a strong moral code and wants to help people, no matter their background or status. NOAH has been providing emergency food relief for months now. We know how to be efficient and we know who needs assistance. There is a solid network here in East Boston. We are glad for this support and we will disperse it wisely.”

Since the first round of fund distribution, the Fund has raised over $32 million from over 6,400 donors. The Fund serves every neighborhood in Boston, but has focused on the neighborhoods hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Resiliency Fund has allowed the City of Boston to provide critical services and supports.

“Every child and adult in Boston should be able to go to bed nourished and secure in the knowledge that tomorrow and every day after, their essential food needs will be met,” said Aziza Musa, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at Health Leads. “We are incredibly grateful for this philanthropic investment from the Boston Resiliency Fund. This donation enables Health Leads to uncover and address the structural barriers and inequities preventing families from accessing critical food and other essential health resources. Together, we can ensure that those hardest hit by the pandemic and its secondary socioeconomic impact are able to receive the essential health resources they need, when they need them the most.”

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