Letters to the Editor 2-26-2020

Vote for Capobianco
Dear Editor,
I am humbly asking you to vote for my longtime friend and colleague Valentino Capobianco for re-election to the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. Valentino will appear on the Presidential Primary Ballot on Tuesday March 3, 2020.
I have had the honor and privilege in working with Valentino since he decided to volunteer in his community at the age of 15. Professionally we serve together on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee together representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. In 2017, as a member Democratic Party Platform Committee Valentino successfully advocated for language requiring Presidential Candidates to release their tax returns.
As a member of the Winthrop School Committee, he led the effort to improve full free day kindergarten to help reduce the financial burden on working families. Capobianco supported Question 3 in 2018 and in doing so, he fought for LGBTQ students, and earlier this year the Winthrop School Committee passed a resolution in favor of the “Student Opportunity Act” which changed the Chapter 70 funding formula. He diligently worked within the town budget to approve two Teachers contracts with salary increases, without layoffs and without a proposition 2.5% Override.
Valentino is a kindhearted hard working young man that loves public service. He is a leader that we can trust and it is my honor to ask you to join me in voting for Valentino Capobianco for Democratic State Committee on Tuesday March 3rd, 2020.
Denise LoConte
Democratic State Committee Woman

Please Vote
Dear Eastie Boston,
Tuesday, March 3, 2020, is Election Day!
I am writing to remind you not to forget the local down-ballot races. Please vote! We have Eastie residents Brian Gannon and Gabriela Coletta running for state committee and we have two slates running for the Ward Committee. Between the two slates there are 42 people to choose from. In short, you can vote for one of the slates or pick up to 21 people. We should be proud of the number of folks who are getting involved in the process.
I am also running to be on the Ward Committee. While I am with Group 2’s slate, I just want to thank all of the people running. This is going to be a good positive experience. I hope many will consider getting more involved and running for office in the future!
Lydia Edwards
City Councilor East Boston
Group 2 Ward

Massachusetts for Warren Announces East Boston Get-Out-the-Vote Leadership Team
Dear Editor:
Following a week of big crowds, a massive Weekend of Action, record fundraising, and Warren’s strong debate performance, elected leaders and grassroots activists know Elizabeth is the strongest candidate to unite the party and beat Trump.
Marking the first week of early voting in the Massachusetts’ Primary voting, a group of East Boston leaders and activists have announced the formation of an East Boston for Warren Get-Out-the-Vote Leadership Team for Elizabeth Warren.
“The people of my district know they can count on Elizabeth Warren,‚“ said State Senator Boncore. “They’ve seen her work for the people of Massachusetts and get big things done, and know she will fight just as hard for all Americans. To beat Donald Trump, we need a candidate with big ideas and a record of getting stuff done. That’s Elizabeth Warren.”
In a time of growing economic inequality and instability, our next president must be someone who has made empowering poor and working people central to her campaign. Elizabeth Warren is that candidate‚“ said Councilor Lydia Edwards. “Her plans to fight corruption and invest in workers and their families – to expand access to child care, grow unions, and give American working people of all races and backgrounds a raise – make her the clear choice to challenge and beat Donald Trump. Join me in working to elect Elizabeth Warren!”
With just days until the Massachusetts primary on Tuesday, March 3rd, the group announced that it would be hosting canvasses, phone-banks, early vote events, and other activities to help drive turnout.
Members of the East Boston Get-Out-the-Vote Leadership Team include:
Sen. Joe Boncore, City Councilor Lydia Edwards and former State Senator and East Boston resident Ben Downing.
Elizabeth also has the support of many members of the MA delegation and state leaders, including but not limited to: Rep. Ayanna Pressley, AG Healey, Sen. Markey, Rep. Kennedy, Rep. Trahan, Rep. McGovern, Rep. Clark, DA Rollins, State Senate President Spilka, Senator Chang-Diaz, many Boston City Councilors including Wu, Bok, Essaibi-George, Edwards, Arroyo, O’Malley.
Elizabeth built a statewide grassroots organization in Massachusetts that started in 2011 and led to her defeating a popular Republican incumbent and being elected the first woman to statewide office in Massachusetts. Today, that organization has expanded to include thousands of first-time volunteers, small donors, and students, as well as veterans of her historic 2012 victory and re-election campaigns. She is the only Democratic candidate to defeat an incumbent Republican in the past thirty years.
The people of Massachusetts know Elizabeth best. They saw her lead a campaign that beat Scott Brown in a race that people thought was unwinnable, and they’ve seen her get real things done, from making hearing aids affordable, to canceling student loans for thousands of Massachusetts students, to ensuring that survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing got the specialized care they needed.
Elizabeth has shown over and over again that she knows how to fight and win. Voters want someone who gets big things done for working people and that is exactly what Elizabeth has done. She got a whole new consumer agency passed into law — all in the face of a powerful financial industry that spent millions to stop reform in its tracks. Since then, that agency has returned more than $12 billion to consumers who were cheated.

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