Suffolk Downs Construction to be All Union

An historic Project Labor Agreement (PLA) inked this week between HYM Investment Group, Building Trades Unions and John Moriarty & Associates (JMA) will ensure that construction of the Suffolk Downs mixed-use development site will be union built.

According to the PLA, the agreement will create 14,000 union construction jobs. HYM also agreed to make a significant investment in workforce development in East Boston and Revere to ensure that more local residents have the skills to fill future jobs at Suffolk Downs. This will create an employment pipeline to quality, union jobs for Eastie and Revere residents.

The 16 million square-foot mixed-use development by HYM will include 10,000 units of housing, including more affordable units than have ever been created in Boston by a single project.

“We’re grateful for the partnership of the Building Trades Unions and John Moriarity & Associates and our elected officials, in ensuring that Suffolk Downs will be union-built and that our construction efforts will provide economic opportunity to the Boston and Revere communities,” said HYM Founding Partner and Managing Director Thomas O’Brien. “This project will only be successful if the people who build, live and work at Suffolk Downs and in the surrounding community are successful. This agreement ensures that the richness of diversity in Boston and Revere is reflected in the people who will be building this project.”

HYM and JMA are pledging $2 million in investments that will go towards supporting employment pipelines to quality union careers. Half of the $2 million will go towards skill-building initiatives specifically for Eastie and Revere residents.

The development team will work with the City of Boston Office of Workforce Development to invest in workforce training programs such as ESL classes, teaching soft skills, and computer and technical training.

Another program benefiting from the PLA will be Building Pathways. Originally founded by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh the program increases participation and access in the construction industry for women and people of color through apprenticeship preparedness, training and advocacy.

“It’s great to see the Building Pathways program benefitting in such a significant way from work at Suffolk Downs, which will help build the talent pipeline here in Boston,” said Mayor Walsh. “I want to thank all partners involved for this incredible agreement that will go a long way towards building up our middle class with good careers and access to opportunity.”

Executive Director of Building Pathways Mary Vogel added, “An entire generation of new construction workers in the area will experience family-sustaining career opportunities thanks to this agreement and the access it will create at a scale rarely seen. Through this project labor agreement, HYM, the Building Trades Unions, and the Cities of Boston and Revere will generate opportunity for thousands of women and people of color including those who graduate through our program. It’s great news for workers, for the community, and for the economy of Greater Boston.”

Of the signing of the PLA, City Councilor Lydia Edwards said it is critical that Eastie residents benefit from the city’s economic growth as unprecedented development surges toward the skyline.

“With this project labor agreement, a graduating senior at East Boston High School could walk to work for the next two decades, join a union, earn a strong wage, and bring resources back into the community,” said Edwards.

John Moriarty of John Moriarty & Associates said his company’s top priority has always been, and always will be, investing in our workforce.

“These additional benefits will make an impact to ensure that the men and women we work with will live better on and off the job,” said Moriaty.

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