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An Amazing Guy

To the Editor,

Pat Capogreco and I have been friends for some 16 years now. We met during the vigil that parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel began following the closing of the church back in 2004. I lived in Quincy at the time but was there every week starting with very disappointed Catholics who felt betrayed by the Church they loved.

Over time I moved to Eastie and Eagle Hill where I stayed for some 11 years. I got to know Pat quite well. He’s an amazing guy who does so much to better his community and he never makes a big deal about it. He just does it.

Eventually being a political guy I started doing politics with him. I know his parents well and his two sisters Maria and Lisa. I’ve eaten holiday meals with the Capogreco family. They are very welcoming even though my family roots are Sicilian not Calabrese , even though I can only do Six Fishes, not seven. I hate tripe with a passion, it must be from my Irish side.

Pat loved his job as an inspector down at 1010 Mass. Avenue. When I heard he was making this major change in his life, I urged him on. Seems like he loves the change in his new job with Cargo Ventures. You should always be open to change in one’s life. I wish him well in this his newest chapter in his life.

I was there at Santarpio’s for his retirement party and the room was so packed with his family and friends being there to support him in his future and thank him for his 31 years with the City of Boston.

The editorial was super too. He is a one of a kind guys. He never looks for press. He just lives his life doing what he needs to do. He doesn’t just live in East Boston or come from here. He lives FOR East Boston. He seems to know everyone and everyone seems to like him as they should.

He comes from a great family of doers not dreamers. He is a people kind of guy. He never stops trying to make East Boston a better place for all. Those who have been here for a lifetime and those who have chosen to become part of this neighborhood.

You can not have a strong, loving and viable community without individuals like Pat Capogreco. I feel lucky to have him as a friend and ally over these past 16 years. He makes you feel good about East Boston.

Sal Giarratani

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