JPNA Votes in Favor of Maverick Street Project

Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) members voted 16 to 10 in favor of a project on Maverick Street at the group’s June meeting.

The project at 347 Maverick St. plans to demolish the existing three-family home and garages, combine the three lots and construct a 9-unit building with nine off-street parking spaces.

Combining the three lots will result in one 5,700 square-foot lot.

The project is intended to be sold as condo units.

Attorney for the project Richard Lynds said his client is seeking variances for Use, Rear Yard, Floor Area Ratio, Height and Parking.

Since the developer’s initial presentation to JPNA he made several changes. Parking was reduced from 11 spaces to 9 and the height of the building was reduced by about 2 feet.

A request was made by a JPNA member for street trees — as many as can be approved —  to be planted, understanding that this will be dependant on the sidewalk width.

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