HVNA Votes on Two Projects, Hears First Presentation on a Third

The Harbor View Neighborhood Association (HVNA) voted on several projects at its June meeting on June 3.

First HVNA members voted 18 to 3 in favor of a project at 704 Saratoga St. Owner Matt Kramer’s attorney, Richard Lynds, said his client plans to convert the current single family into a two family. Kramer plans to live in one of the two units. The plan once called for an additional micro-unit in the backyard. Members were pleased that the micro-unit was eliminated from the proposal, and Kramer will continue to live at the address while renting out the other unit. The project will now head to the Zoning Board of Appeals next month for approval.

Next HVNA members voted 13 to 9 in favor of the project at 76 Wordsworth St. There owner Paul Basile plans to build a two-family home on a vacant lot. Members has several concerns over parking because the proposal did not include off street parking spaces.

Finally HVNA members heard an initial presentation for a project being proposed at 792 Saratoga St.  The plan there is to change an existing single-family to two condo units.

Owner Hossein Bayat’s Saratoga Street home is a single family that may have been a two family in the past. There was some confusion for Bayat when he was going for final inspection after doing some upgrades to the property and it was viewed as a single-family and not as a two-family by the city. Bayat also purchased the Wordsworth Street parcel in the rear of 792 Saratoga St. and this parcel will be added to the total square footage of the project. The project is for two condos and with three deeded parking spaces on the rear parcel. Members expressed some concerns about work being completed on the home before coming before the HVNA for approval. However, Attorney Lorene Schettino was able to address all concerns and the project received unanimous approval to go forward. Schettino said making the home that was once a two-family, a legal two-family on the city books may not involve the ZBA. Because HVNA is not meeting in July the HVNA board said it will vote on this project on behalf of the community if it needs to go before the ZBA. An abutters meeting on this project was also held on Thursday, June 6 at the Salesians.

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