Massport to Replace Maverick Gate Friday

Since the two Maverick Street Gates that connect Logan Airport’s southwest service area to the community at Jeffries Point, became operational several years ago, they have taken a beating.

This past winter the gate that leads from Jeffries Point into Logan was damaged and has not been operational for a few months.

“The gate leading from the Airport to Jeffries Point is fine,” said Massport’s Anthony Guerriero at a community meeting Monday night. “However, the arm on the gate going from Maverick Street into the airport has been damaged and we found that the mechanics inside have rotted.”

Guerriero explained that each year these gates are exposed to snow plows and motorists accidently hitting them as well as New England’s unpredictable weather.

“Every year they take a beating,” he said. “But the good news is the gates should be replaced Friday. The new gates will also include lights on the arm that light up in the down position so motorists know they are approaching a gate and need to slow down.”

The gates were installed seven years ago as part of a commitment to the community to keep airport-related traffic off of Eastie’s streets. The gates are part of the Edge Buffer Park system that separates the southwest service area and neighborhood. 

The gates are only accessible via a card that is issued by Massport to Eastie residents.

The gates were altered slightly during the construction of Logan’s rental car facility that abuts the Jeffries Point neighborhood. The gates were moved and repositioned slightly to allow for smoother traffic flow in and out of Logan for Eastie residents.

As part of the Edge Buffer mitigation Massport also created a green buffer along Maverick Street that tied into a path that now leads along the backside of the rental car facility and connects to Memorial Stadium. This path allows Jeffries Point residents to connect to the stadium and Eastie’s other park systems like the Greenway, Bremen Street Park and Greenway connector that leads to Constitution Beach.

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