A.P. Dental Offers Laser and Cosmetic Fills

Since Dr. Anya Pukhovitskaya DMD opened A.P. Dental & Laser Center this spring, patients have been referring her practice to family and neighbors. Dr. Pukhovitskaya, whose mother has been helping her decorate her Central

Dr. Anya Pukhovitskaya, DMD, Jean Coughlin, CDA, and Monet Smith, receptionist.

Square offices into serene spaces, is happy that the patients trust her with their care.

“Business has been really good,” said Dr. Pukhovitskaya. “People have been welcoming to us. We have a lot of new patients.”

Dr. Pukhovitskaya’s medical spa now offers laser hair removal and cosmetic fills with no down time. In addition, she is providing skin rejuvenation, which gives skin a natural, youthful glow, diminishes wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

“Little pulsations go into your skin, stimulating cell turn over, making your skin produce collagen,” Dr. Pukhovitskaya explained. “Collagen makes you look younger and firmer.”

Chemical peels, which allow sunscreens and creams to better penetrate skin, are also being offered. Dr. Pukhovitskaya stresses the importance of consultations, so that she and her laser certified registered nurse can customize a plan that best fits a patient’s needs.

As we age, we lose volume in our facial features, especially around the lips and nasolabial folds, the laugh lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Cosmetic fillers re-establish that volume. Fill, a hyaluronic acid or flexible gel, is injected and massaged into one’s face to restore those areas.

“There are no side effects from it, and it lasts for about a year. There is no down time. After five minutes, you don’t see any redness,” described Dr. Pukhovitskaya. “It adds a lot of volume and makes you look younger and fresher.”

Visit Dr. Anya Pukhovitskaya at A.P. Dental & Laser Center to personalize an affordable skincare package at 227 Border Street, East Boston, across from the Shaws’s parking lot.

“We want to see the best results that we can give you so you will come see us again,” said Dr. Pukhovitskaya.

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