The East Boston Art Scene

The transformation of East Boston into a premier residential area is being accompanied by an influx of art-related projects that promise to turn our community not only into a great place to live, but a destination for visitors.

The newest addition to Eastie’s growing art community officially opened last week at the Boston East, the new, luxury-apartment community along the waterfront on Border Street.

The Boston East Gallery, run in collaboration with the neighboring Atlantic Works Gallery (AWG), will be open to the public seven days a week and also will be available for events, art exhibits, and community meetings.

This latest addition to the local art scene joins with the Zumix, HarborArts, Veronica Robles Cultural Center, ICA Watershed, and the future artist live/work spaces on Condor Street being developed by NOAH that are creating a veritable mecca for artists and art-lovers alike.

As State Rep. Adrian Madaro pointed out, this is an exciting time for art on our side of the Mystic River — with the promise of even better things to come.

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