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This one ain’t working

To the Editor,

As I read the page one story ( Rep. Madaro blasts Trump administration for ending temporary status for Salvadorians, East Boston Times,¬† January 10),I had mixed feelings over the plight of my Salvadorian neighbors living in this community. However, previous presidents granted these immigrants fleeing dictatorships or earthquakes under the Temporary Protected Status Program a home here in Boston and across the nation. However, AGAIN, I say what part of “temporary” don’t people understand? President Trump has decided to take away this temporary status from several immigrant communities, El Salvador and Haiti among them.

Many liberal voices are up in arms but the president is giving these folks reasonable deadlines. Salvadorians have until September 2019 before the protective status terminates. Haitians have until July 2019.

It was known to everyone that this humanitarian program was not a permanent status from the get-go. Perhaps, it would have been better had the federal government attached deadline right from the beginning.

I don’t like the idea that our federal government would ever set up permanent ¬†groups of non-citizen residents living among U.S. citizens. Also, these groups about to lose their protection? Why is it their advocates always say their choice is between living America on their own, hiding in the shadows or waiting for ICE to deport them? What about door number 4?

How about applying for citizenship? How many in these groupings have? I am sure many.

However, I was appalled at President Trump’s ugly language, calling third-world nations like El Salvador and Haiti nothing more than s(deleted)hole nations. I will not condone that insulting language. At times once again we see our president as his own worst enemy.

Bottom line: American leaders can’t just keep doing stupid things. Protective Status was never meant to be a permanent program. Not when it started and not still today. Liberals need to try another line of defense. This one ain’t working.


Sal Giarratani

East Boston


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