Thank You Rep Madaro

Given the economic growth of Boston over the last decade, it is hard to believe that people have been left out of this rising tide.

But in East Boston, we know this fact all too well.

That is why we want to say thank you to Rep. Adrian Madaro and the scores of volunteers who gave up their holiday to help others enjoy a festive Thanksgiving.

According to estimates, more than 400 residents turned out at the annual Thanksgiving Day charitable dinner at the Sacred Heart Church Hall on Brooks St. These residents were treated to a full dinner of turkey, vegetables, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, along with many desserts prepared by the chef’s at Spinelli’s.

This Thanksgiving Day event was first started by Rep, Carlo Basile and has been continued by Rep. Adrian Madaro.

We thank Rep. Madaro for continuing this event that serves some of the most vulnerable citizens in out community.

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