Volunteers A Huge Part of Eastie Pride

Eastie Pride Day was launched in 1988 in response to the wave of urban flight from Boston during the 1970s and 1980s. In Eastie many Italians and Irish took off for the suburban towns of Saugus, Peabody and Revere while the burgeoning new Latino and Asian population were stripped of mentors and neighbors to teach them of Eastie’s rich history as an important Boston neighborhood.

LaMattina thought it would be better to hold a yearly event where all of Eastie’s resident, old and new, could come together and celebrate their love for the neighborhood and meet each other during a friendly and fun festival.

Over the years, Eastie Pride Day has given resident the opportunity to understand their neighbors and build a diverse neighborhood in harmony.

Twenty eight years later Eastie Pride Day has become bigger and better year after year.

However LaMattina’s vision he had nearly three decades ago would have never been possible without the help of all the volunteers that pitch in year after year.

The support of the East Boston Foundation, the Community Centers, the Mayor’s Office, the Eastie Pride Day Committee, Zumix, Massport and the countless others that donate time and money to the event is what keeps Eastie Pride Day going.

Eastie Pride Day would not be possible if not for the help of the countless dedicated volunteers that come out to help make sure things run smoothly.

In the end the annual event year after year would not be possible without them.

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