Pedestrian Killed Saturday Night on Bennington Street

By John Lynds

A man was struck and killed Saturday night while trying to cross Bennington Street near Orient Heights Square.

The incident occurred 10:15 p.m. when the adult man was trying to cross the large and busy intersection where Bennington and Saratoga Street meet. The red sedan was traveling southbound on Bennington Street when the driver struck the man. Police said the driver remained on the scene and no charges have been filed.

While police have not identified the man that was killed, witnesses at the scene said it apparently was the owner of Orient Heights Cafe, a small but popular Korean Food Restaurant in Orient Heights Square. By Sunday morning the Orient Heights neighborhood was abuzz with support for the man’s family with Facebook posts sending thoughts and prayers to his family.

Speeding traffic along this busy stretch of Bennington Street from the Revere line to Day Square has been a thorn in many residents’ sides for decades.

At numerous community meetings, local activists like Joanne Pomodoro, a Bennington Street resident herself, have stressed that something needs to be done immediately to begin slowing Bennington Street traffic down.

Just last month a 3-year-old child was struck on Bennington Street while ridding his tricycle. While the boy survived Pomodoro said these types of incidents are becoming all too common.

“I’d say that this is a tragic accident am I am very sorry to hear this sad news,” said Pomodoro of Saturday’s accident. “My prayers go out to the family and friends of this man.  The problems, specifically on Bennington Street, are getting worse.  This needs to be addressed now.  You take your life in your hands crossing the street, crosswalks are not respected, neither are traffic lights.  Distracted pedestrians and speeding cars make for a very serious situation.  Something has to be done to enforce the laws and make pedestrian crosswalks safer to cross.  Thirty miles per hour is too fast for this street.  Motorcycles rev up their engines, people are passing each other at high speeds and there isn’t enough reaction time to stop.  Sharing the road is more than a bike lane or a flashing light. I get it everyone is in a hurry but we need help and we need it now.  I’m so very sorry to this family. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through.”

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