ABBA Makes Its Debut in East Boston

ABBA (Angry Boston Board of Abutters) says it’s here to help East Boston residents on issues that go before the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals (BOA).

The local group, founded by East Boston community activist Renee MacLean with the aid of community activist Gail Miller and others, is trying to gain some notice in the East Boston community and it is stepping up its effort to attract members.

The group has good intentions. When we asked Renee about having the word, “Angry” in its official title, she explained that being “angry” doesn’t mean “irate” in this case. She said her group just wants to make sure that the voices of East Boston residents matter and that they are heard in matters before the BOA and in meetings about new developments in the neighborhood.

ABBA has been making its goals known in appearances before prominent neighborhood organizations. We commend these groups for welcoming ABBA on to their agendas and giving it a forum for discussion.

ABBA has members who have lived in East Boston for decades. Like other residents, ABBA members love their neighborhood and they want to make East Boston a desirable place to live while not getting in the way of progress. For now, ABBA is focusing its efforts on East Boston and building a base here, but ultimately they may join with other citywide groups to build a larger organization.

We know that ABBA will assist residents with a positive approach and develop amicable partnerships. We wish ABBA well as its launches its efforts in Eastie.

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