Local Radio Host Arrested for Operating Under the Influence

East Boston resident, radio personality and author who has spent her career defending law enforcement officials found herself in some hot water with one last week.

Michele McPhee, 47, of East Boston, and host of WMEX AM !510 was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest, according to Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman, Jake Wark, who said that she was arraigned Thursday in South Boston Municipal Court on the charges. No monetary bail was imposed and she was ordered to return to court on August 4.

According to State Trooper Patrick Candeliere’s police reports he observed a white Mercedes SUV traveling on I-93 North in Dorchester at 1 a.m. last Thursday morning. He reported that he observed the vehicle drifting in and out of lanes and nearly side swiping a barrier.

Candeliere reported that he activated his lights and the vehicle ‘slowly’ came to a stop on I-93’s right lane. Once Candeliere approached the vehicle being operated by McPhee, he allegedly noticed a smell of alcohol

He directed McPhee to exit the highway and reported that she had hit a curb in the process. He reported that McPhee’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and smelled of alcohol.

She told Candeliere that she was heading home to East Boston after having dinner in Quincy. Candeliere reported that McPhee made comments that “she had defended cops for 30 years”. He speech was slurred, according to Candeliere. He asked he to exit the vehicle. Again McPhee said she had “defended police for years,” according to reports. She also asked Candeliere to contact “Dana Pullman, the president of the Massachusetts State Police Association, as well as other police officers”.

When Candeliere asked McPhee to perform a field sobriety test she replied, “Call any trooper, Dana Pullman, or the Colonel, so I can leave.” When Candeliere attempted to arrest McPhee for OUI, according to reports, she grew “belligerent, resistant, and enraged”. According to reports she elbowed him in the chest and began kicking him in the legs as he attempted to cuff her.

During the struggle the two stumbled into the road as McPhee said, “I’m calling the Colonel… let me go… get a supervisor,” according to the report.

Candeliere radioed for back up from Boston Police. Officer Kevin Coyne arrived on the scene and as he grabbed one of McPhee’s arms she fell to the sidewalk, according to the report.

McPhee sustained a head injury in the struggle according to the report and was treated at both the South Boston Police station and later at Tufts Medical Center. Candeliere was also treated for injuries he sustained at Tufts.

In a statement WMEX said they would stand behind the Emmy Award winning journalist and said in a statement, “Michele McPhee is a respected member of the 1510 WMEX family, and the management of 1510 WMEX stands behind her in this difficult time as we would any friend or family member. We respect Michele’s privacy, and ask that any further questions regarding this event be directed to her counsel. We leave it to the judicial system of the State of Massachusetts to provide due process and justice to Michele, while we continue to support her within our family, and wish her a speedy recovery from the serious injuries that she sustained in the course of this event.”

McPhee is represented by Attorney Chaz Fisher.

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