D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Restaurant Docks in Revere

The D’Amelio family, city officials, and friends cut the ribbon at their new Revere location.

The D’Amelio family, city officials, and friends cut the ribbon at their new Revere location.

To the dismay of East Boston foodies D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Italian and Seafood Restaurant has moved out of the neighborhood. However, those who have fallen in love with the D’Amelio family scrumptious Italian fare have to only head over to neighboring Revere to get their Off the Boat fix.

On Saturday, the new Revere location that once housed Maggio’s on Revere Street officially opened with a ribbon cutting.

In recent years Off the Boat joined a long line of recent success stories inside the neighborhood’s ever growing culinary scene. With places like Ecco, 303 Cafe, and Angela’s joining old staples like Rino’s, Javelli’s and Santarpio’s, Off the Boat helped continue to ensure Eastie was on the map when it comes to food.

In their new location, husband and wife team and owners Joe and Antonietta D’Amelio spared no expense at turning the former old school Italian digs into a sleek modern bar and dinning room. And the menu that many Eastie diners considered one of their favorites will be the cornerstone of the new business in Revere.

Items like Fusilli Marchi–sauteed lobster, crab meat and shrimp over homemade pasta have been fan favorites for years. But the menu, which was once primarily Italian Seafood when Off the Boat first started has offerings for those looking for seafood-less-pasta and other entrees. Pastas with a vodka sauce, carbonara and veal and chicken dishes have rounded out the menu nicely.

“It’s the same menu as East Boston,” said Joe D’Amelio. “We didn’t change anything because it is what our customers have come to expect, which is good quality seafood and other fare.”

 D’Amelio said since opening the place has been packed.

“It’s going real well,” he said. “We have our customers from East Boston, Winthrop and the North Shore as well as a bunch of new customers.”

The D’Amelios have been in the restaurant business since the late 80’s where they ran a family owned restaurant in Boston’s Historic North End.

In January of 2007, Joe and Antoinetta became the proprietors of Off the Boat Seafood on Porter Street in Eastie, which at that time, was a take out venue. In December of 2008 they expanded our business into the adjacent space and opened the dining room in response to growing demand.

It was that demand that forced them to seek a new location in Revere.

“We were just to busy in East Boston and didn’t have enough space to seat people,” said D’Amelio. “On the weekends we had 2 hour waits so we needed a larger place to accommodate the growing business.”

D’Amelio’s Off the Boat is located at 306 Revere St., has a full menu and full bar and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

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