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To the Editor

That was my biggest takeaway from the Candidates’ Forum held last Wednesday at Sacred Heart Church. There are a lot of great individuals running for State Representative – all of whom love East Boston. But this election isn’t about who loves East Boston the most. It’s about who has the experience to be able to get the job done. And, it is clear that Ed Deveau is that candidate with the most experience both in the community and at the State House. Ed spent over a decade in the State Legislature as Sen. Anthony Petruccelli’s Chief of Staff. He ran important committees, including the Committee on Community Development & Small Business and the Committee on Financial Services and knows the legislative process inside out. This will be especially important in the upcoming budget process this April. Here in East Boston, Ed has been a pillar of the community – serving on the East Boston Athletic Board, past Vice President of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, and Chair of the Constitution Beach Association. Most importantly, Ed co-founded Eastie’s Elves, a fundraiser that has provided local kids with toys and food during Christmas for the past 11 years. In this election for State Representative, I’m voting for the candidate who I know will deliver for East Boston – Ed Deveau.

Stephanie Scopa

I support Adrian Madaro

To the Editor

It is with great pleasure that I announce my support for Adrian Madaro as State Representative for East Boston. I know with all my heart that Adrian is someone who already does and will continue to look out for the people of Eastie. Adrian is someone who affected my life personally in the greatest way possible. Several years ago, Adrian and Ernani DeAraujo created then Mario Umana Fellowship Program. The program was created specifically for East Boston High School students. After an extensive application process, two students are awarded the fellowship and placed on a paid internship for the summer at a certain area of public service. This past summer, I was fortunate enough to be one of these recipients. I spent the entire summer working under Chief Probation Officer Thomas Tassinari at the East Boston District Court. Throughout the time I worked there, Adrian served as an enormous mentor to me and brought me to numerous meetings with politicians and the people that make East Boston so great. Because of Adrian, I was able to gain a great insight into the political arena and what it truly means to work for your neighborhood. For the past four years, Adrian has served as Chief of Staff for State Rep Carlo Basile. I witnessed first hand how hardworking Adrian is. No matter where he is or what time of the day, Adrian is always doing something. Whether it is an phone call from a concerned citizen or a fundraiser that needs extra help, Adrian is always there and ready to give his all. My personal experience with Adrian is not an isolated incident. You can ask anyone from East Boston and they will tell you Adrian is a person who goes above and beyond for his neighborhood and the people of it. I ask you to join me and please consider Adrian Madaro while you are voting for our new State Representative this spring. Thank you.

Thomas Travers

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