Congratulations EBNHC

The Boston Globe’s recent recognition of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center as one of the best places to work in Massachusetts is a well-deserved tribute to an organization that serves the people of our community so well.

Indeed, it is apparent that the widely-acknowledged high level of service provided by the EBNHC to its clients is directly proportional to the manner in which the EBNHC treats its employees because it is axiomatic in any business that happy employees will make for happy customers.

No doubt another key to achieving this honor is that 50 percent of the EBNHC’s employees also live in the communities they serve, a testament to the symbiotic relationship between employees and their clients that is essential for any business enterprise to be successful.

Finally, employee satisfaction starts with a pro-employee attitude at the top of every organization, and this is where EBNHC CEO Manny Lopes and his administrative team are well-known for being supportive of their staff, not only in terms of compensation and benefits, but, equally as important, in terms of the efforts they make to keep the EBNHC’s workers engaged and striving to be the best they can be.

We know we join with the thousands of our fellow residents who have been served by the EBNHC over the years in congratulating the EBNHC upon receiving this recognition. We look forward to many more years of faithful service by the EBNHC and its employees in our community.

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