Voters Set for Election Day on Tuesday Nov. 4

The campaigns are in their final week and on Tuesday, Nov. 4 voters will have their say in selecting our leaders in government for the next four years.

Gov. Deval Patrick, has decided not to seek re-election after two terms in office so there will be a new chief executive come January. Candidates Charlie Baker, Martha Coakley, and Evan Falchuk and Jeff McCormack have been campaigning throughout the state trying to convey their message to the voters.

There are other exciting contests on the ballot as well for the offices of lieutenant governor, treasurer, auditor, and secretary of state.

In East Boston, State Rep. Carlo Basile and candidate Celeste Myers have been working hard in their campaigns for the state representative seat. We should honor their diligent efforts and commitment to public service by turning out at the polls and casting our ballots.

Our state senator, Anthony Petruccelli, has been an effective legislator and a powerful voice on Beacon Hill representing the people of East Boston and other communities in the district. Sen. Petruccelli is highly respected by his colleagues in government and deservedly so. He is unopposed in his bid for re-election and Tuesday provides a great opportunity to recognize his outstanding work with your vote.

Voters will also decide on four ballot questions focusing on the gasoline tax, bottles, casinos, and employee sick days – issues that garnered significant interest. After several years of following the casino process and participate in the debate, voters will now have the final say on whether casinos (and one slots parlor) will be coming to Massachusetts.

There is great importance to the decisions we make on Nov. 4. We urge residents to vote and let their voices be heard in this election.

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