Monday’s Assaults

The detectives and police at District 7 are working hard to catch the suspect/suspects responsible for three assaults on women that took place Monday evening.

These assaults, like the ones that took place at the end of the summer in 2012 have alarmed many, especially women, in the neighborhood.

Police are urging women to use caution (see page 1 for tips) and are asking for the public to provide any information to the police.

While this incident has cast a dark shadow on the tight knit community it seems to be an isolated incident according to police.

These matters are taken very seriously by our law enforcement.

When assaults like these have happened in the past the Boston Police were right on top of it and moved quickly to capture and charge the suspect.

We have faith the same will be the case in the latest incident.

The last time this occurred a registered sex offender was placed at the scene of one of the assaults. He was believed to have been responsible for others that occurred a 24-hour period.

If it truly is one man he can’t hide forever and he will be brought to justice.

The victims should be commended for being able, under the most extreme of circumstances to give police a good description of the suspect.

Police have beefed up patrols in the neighborhood and we hope next week we report that he has been captured.

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