Library Plaque

The plaque that adorned the former Meridian Street Branch Library naming East Boston as the first community to ever hold a publicly funded branch of the Boston Public Library will be hung at the new library–as well it should.

Kudos to the East Boston Friends of the Library group for keeping a watchful eye on our libraries’ history here in the neighborhood. They have fought to preserve the historic King paintings, they have fought to make them part of the new branch on Bremen Street when administrators and architects were telling them ‘no’.

Their most recent battle to ensure the this historic plaque did not get lost in the basement somewhere at the Copley Square Branch was noble.

One can argue many people may not know Eastie was host to the first ever branch library here in Boston and the country.

Now with the plaque being shipped back to Eastie future generations will know a small piece of the proud history of this community.

FOL members should be commended for being the watchdogs of our library’s treasures and making sure they do not disappear or slip away.

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