Marty Walsh

Putting political differences aside is never an easy thing but Mayor-elect Marty Walsh showed he is a man above the fray.

Last week Walsh reached out to Representative Carlo Basile, who was a supporter of John Connolly during the Mayor’s race, and told the Eastie rep he wanted to help out at Basile’s annual Thanksgiving Day dinner for low-income families here.

Walsh showed his job as next Mayor of Boston will not be about pettiness, spite or revenge but on building bridges and working together to ensure all neighborhoods have a seat at the new administration’s table.

Despite the news cameras and reporters that are following his every move ahead of his swearing in next month, Walsh walked in, went right to where the volunteers were and asked ‘what should I do’.

He was given a tray of food and began handing it out to the families that has arrived for their meal.

Afterwards, Walsh talked with volunteers, posed with the families and cemented his image here as a genuine warm hearted man that cares deeply about the people of Boston.

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