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Theresa “Terry” Adamson

Theresa Adamson was a special person and her passing leaves a large  gap in many people’s lives, especially those with whom she worked, and those whom she helped, at the East Boston Courthouse Probation Department.

The praise from her colleagues about her expertise in handling her job, as well as the praise from many of the former drug users whom she helped lead back to a productive life, speaks volumes about the special person whom Terry was in our community.

Everyone admits that she was hard and tough, but beneath this exterior she had a huge heart. Being a probation officer is never easy.  The disappointment that invariably arises in trusting someone who has just come out of  jail to do the right thing is constant and never-ending.

But Terry always came to the office ready to help everyone. There are countless stories from her  years at the Probation Department of Terry going the extra mile to help a former drug user stay clean and  rejoin society.

Perhaps the greatest gift that Terry left us was her faith in  mankind.  She showed that there is good in everyone and sometimes you just have to dig a little harder to find it.

May she rest in peace.

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