Sen. Petruccelli Endorses Walsh for Mayor

Senator Anthony Petruccelli announced last week at the East Boston Yacht Club that he would endorse Marty Walsh for Mayor of Boston. Petruccelli, who was a Rob Consalvo supporter leading up to the September 24 Primary Election, said his former colleague in the House of Representatives is the best choice to lead Boston into the future.

“I’m excited to join the campaign and support the efforts that already exists in Marty’s (Walsh) organization,” said Petruccelli. “When I first got elected in 1999 is when I met Marty and he and I got real close with some other colleagues. Marty stood out because every single day he was working to improve the quality of life for people. At any given time Marty was helping to get his constituents into treatment programs or housing or jobs.”

Petruccelli, who was visited by Walsh at his Eastie home earlier last week seeking his endorsement, said he decided to throw his support behind Walsh because of his character.

“The thing I like most about Marty is his authenticity,” said Petruccelli. “He is as real a candidate as there is. When you look at his life story he has stared death in the face on more than one occasion and when I watch his speech on election night it nearly brought tears to my eyes and showed me how real he is. When he talks about what he wants to do for Boston I don’t think there is a better person to by mayor of Boston and lead the city into the future.”

Walsh, who considers Petruccelli a close friend, said he respected the Senator’s decision to be with Consalvo at the beginning.

“When Anthony and I served in the House we became instant friends,” said Walsh. “When he says 10 out of 10 times he’d be with Rob (Consalvo) I respect that. Anthony and I go way back but he goes even further back with Rob. It’s about respect, friendship and loyalty so I did not put a lot of pressure on Anthony and I was not upset when he endorsed Rob for mayor.”

Walsh said it means a great deal to him to have Petruccelli and some of Consalvo’s supporters here on his team.
“Rob is a friend and loved this city and he put his heart and soul into the election,” said Walsh. “I see how much his supporters love him and it means a great deal to me to have Anthony’s support because I think we believe in the same things, the same values, we believe in giving people second chances and that’s why I think this marriage will work.”

With the help of Petruccelli and his supporters, Walsh predicted a first place finish here in East Boston and citywide.

“Anthony and his supports and Rob and his supporters did not lose the election but only advanced the cause,” he said. “It means a great deal to me and it’s very emotional to have their support as we head into the final election in five weeks.”

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