Our Little Oases: Congratulations to Garden Contest Winners

Living in the city is  a challenge for gardeners, whose garden space typically consists of roof decks or small plots that usually have  more concrete than earth.  So we cherish our open spaces and continually fight to take back any land that can be turned into a green, open space where anyone can go and be with nature. For those among us  who are more adventurous, simply looking at the work by the green thumbs in our midst is not enough, and so they turn their little piece of earth into a feast for the eyes.

Recently, Mayor Thomas Menino held his annual Garden Contest and several residents from East Boston took honors. We congratulate our local winners: Lyle, Kara,  and Lily Bradley; Kimberly Roberts; and David Connolly.  We also congratulate the Friends of East Boston Greenway, who received a special award for their beautification efforts on the Greenway.

All of the winners, as well as the other entrants, deserve our accolades for helping to make East Boston a more pleasant place to live for all of us.  Special thanks should also go out to the Greenway Friends who have planted 75 trees, 10,000 day lilies, and 1,500 tulips and daffodils for all of us to enjoy. And for those of us who have been inspired by what they have accomplished, but who have yet to dig that first shovelful of earth, we would note that next spring will be here sooner than we think.

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