Savikas to Step Down at Crossroads Shelter

Crossroads Family Shelter Executive Director Audrey Savikas during Crossroads’ last Legislative Breakfast. Savikas announced her departure from Crossroads this week.

Crossroads Family Shelter Executive Director Audrey Savikas
during Crossroads’ last Legislative Breakfast. Savikas announced
her departure from Crossroads this week.

Audrey Savikas, who has successfully led Crossroads Family Shelter as its Executive Director for four years, announced her departure from the program this week.

“It is with mixed emotion that I write to share the news of my upcoming departure from Crossroads Family Center,” said Savikas. “My time at Crossroads has been extremely rewarding. I take great pride in the talented team of staff we have developed; the meaningful relationships we’ve formed with community supporters; and the impressive gains we’ve made alongside the families we serve. I can say with confidence that the future is more hopeful because of the work that happens at Crossroads.”

When Libby Hayes left as Director of Crossroads Family Shelter in East Boston in 2007 there was a huge void to be filled. It seemed Crossroads had all been forgotten in the neighborhood until Savikas arrived on scene.

Savikas immediately settled into her new role as Director of Crossroads and began to make the homeless shelter’s profile well know again in the community through outreach and open houses.

Part advocate, part politician, part fundraiser, Savikas, like her predecessor, worked day and night in the community fighting for more opportunities and funding for homeless programs while bringing attention to the epidemic of homelessness facing Eastie and the rest of the city and state.

“While it is incredibly difficult to say good-bye, I am truly eager to see Crossroads develop and thrive under the direction of new leadership,” said Savikas.

Susan Hamilton will replace Savikas on July 10 as Crossroads’ next Executive Director.

“It is with much pleasure that I welcome Susan Hamilton as Crossroads’ next Executive Director,” said Savikas. “Susan comes with more than 15 years of professional experience in human service settings, including direct support, clinical supervision and program management, and senior leadership in residential and community-based settings. Crossroads is fortunate to have such a well-respected and committed leader join the team. “

Savikas was named the East Boston Times 2011 Woman of the Year.

Over the course of that year Savikas’ commitment to the shelter’s cause heightened her profile as an important community activist.

Throughout 2011 and subsequent years, Savikas held several successful open houses and legislative breakfasts where local elected officials were invited to discuss legislation and budget issues that may affect funding to programs like Crossroads.

At the same time these events celebrated Crossroad’s work, provided testimony from current and former residents while raising much-needed funds and awareness for the program. In 2011 Savikas was able define to Eastie and Crossroads supporters exactly what the shelter means to so many people.

Crossroads, Savikas said—who serves 15 homeless families in Eastie and 10 additional families at scatter sites—had seen an increase in the families it needed to serve at a time when funding was at its lowest. But through endless advocacy for the program Savikas was again able to turn on the tap of support that poured from community leaders, residents and former Crossroads families. Once again the shelter’s importance for homeless families in the area became unwavering.

“In closing, I can’t thank (the staff and community enough) for the warm welcome I experienced when I came to Crossroads four years ago,” she said, “it has been such a privilege to be part of the Crossroads community. As I turn to my next role as full-time mom for my 9-month-old son I wish nothing but the best for this special place.”

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