Eastie Aqua Jets Fall to Latin in Annual Rivalry

The annual rivalry between the coach for the East Boston High School co-ed swim team, Dave Arinella, and the coach for Latin Academy co-ed swim team, Mark Thomas, took place Monday in East Boston.

Nothing brings the best out of the swimmers on both teams than this annual meet.

“The rivalry is strong,” said Coach Arinella. “The kids really step up their competitive spirit and its good for swimming in the city.”

The Aqua Jets, who were 3-6 going into the Division 1 meet against Latin Academy. Eastie lost the meet 56-46 but stayed strong throughout each event.

“Our boys were going toe to toe in the individual events but we got crushed in the relays,” said Arinella.

Co-ed rules for swimming state that during relays, each team has to swim two boys and two girls. Coach Arinella said that although his girls on the team are tough and strong swimmers they were no match against the faster girls of the Latin Academy team.

“Our girls are getting better every day,” said Arinella. “I couldn’t be more proud of their performance Monday. This is Division 1 so to become better swimmers you have to swim against the best.”

Arinella pointed out Jasmine Mijar and Pamela Sepulveda as two freshman female swimmers that are going to be some of the best the city has seen.

“These girls are outstanding,” he said. “Jasmine is an excellent breast stroker and freestyle swimmer and Pamela can really do any stroke.”

Arinella also pointed out freshman Jack Hartnet as his go to distance swimmer as well as Rip Paizante.

“Rip we’ll go out and swim in any event I ask him to without a single complaint,” said Arinella. “He is always in the pool battling for us and is a very underestimated swimmer.”

Both Mateo Galeano and Ben Iarra won their individual events with Galeano taking first in the 200-yard Individual Medley and Iarra taking first in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle.

Eastie will next swim against Latin Academy and O’Bryant on Feb 6 during the City Championship.

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