Seniors Online : New Program at EBNHC Get Seniors Interacting on Internet

It’s safe to say that many grandparents in East Boston have never attempted to enter the world of online social media. Since their inception, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and MySpace have been geared towards the younger generation, most of whom are equipped with IPhones and other handheld devices used more these days for posting pictures, messages and thoughts in real time than actually making a phone call to a live person.

In an era where almost everything is shared for multiple friends, and in some cases the entire world to see–many members of the older generation feel they have been left on the sidelines.

Until now.

The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBHNC) announced a new computer and social media program, Connected Living, which will empower seniors to connect with friends and family in the community and around the world.

Connected Living is specifically designed for older adults and new computer users, and teaches participants and their family members how to post photos, share personal messages and talk live over the Internet using Skype.

Recent studies have shown that computer and Internet usage among older adults increases social connectedness and supports good brain health. The program is part of EBHNC’s Elder Service Plan, which enables adults, age 55 and older, to live independently.

“Connected Living offers a vital opportunity for our seniors to connect with their loved ones and engage in the necessary social interaction that’s proven to enhance brain health and promote wellness,” said Vice President of Geriatric Services Laura Wagner. “This is an important new dimension to the Elder Service Plan and we believe the seniors we serve will benefit greatly from it.”

Connected Living is free for Elder Service Plan members, and will be offered at the Barnes School in East Boston, an ESP senior living site.

Local residents interested in the Elder Service Plan or Connected Living can contact the Elder Service Plan at 617-568-4602 or visit the ESP office at 20 Maverick Square.

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