Patty Campatelli, New Register

From the beginning of the campaign for Suffolk County Register of Probate, East Boston’s Patty Campatelli was the underdog. In the end, the underdog appellation did not hold. She won a commanding victory given the fact she was not as well known as her opponent throughout Suffolk County.

Again, in the end, none of the conventional political handicapping and wisdom mattered. When all the votes were counted, Campatelli had scored almost 16,000 votes besting Sal LaMattina by more than 500.

We wish Ms. Campatelli the best in her new role. We know she will do everything she can to keep the Probate office modern and state of the art and that all of us who use it will find going there easy and a pleasure at the same time.

She faces real budgetary challenges as the Probate office budget has been cut. Its manpower has been cut and there are no plans for more money in the budget to compensate for the office’s varied needs and necessities.

Still, we wish her the best and we again congratulate her on her surprising victory.

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