Citywide Vote

Secretary of State William Galvin has said that a citywide vote is needed on the casino matter or there will be lawsuits contesting the validity of the vote.

Where was Mr. Galvin when the Ted Williams Tunnel was built? Where is Mr. Galvin when Logan Airport is triumphantly announcing 22 million visitors to its East Boston facility? Where is Mr. Galvin when East Boston suffers from having two additional harbor tunnels that were built without a vote by the entire city?

If the entire city doesn’t have to vote on anything pertaining to Logan Airport, the tunnels, the overflight and pollution, the gargantuan traffic all the time then why does the entire city need to vote on a casino being located here?

How does a casino located in East Boston pertain in any meaningful way to Bostonians living in West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester or Back Bay?

We’d respectfully suggest that Mr. Galvin play fairly about this issue and make a decision to demand citywide votes on anything pertaining to Logan Airport, the airport tunnels, the roadways leading into and out of the airport, the planes spewing pollution flying overhead.

Lets ask the good people of the city to weigh in on their feelings about these things or is it just the casino that needs and requires this type of scrutiny?

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