Getting Better with Time

It is very rare for the Boston City Councillor from East Boston to receive top billing in a lead Boston Globe editorial yet this is exactly what occurred recently for our Councillor Sal LaMattina.

LaMattina’s efforts to control the ugliness and the depressing spread of satellite dishes mounted on the front of buildings and three decker homes throughout this neighborhood was given lavish praise by the Globe’s editorial writers.

It is something we have done here repeatedly during the years since his election almost 5 years ago.

LaMattina’s tireless work to make this neighborhood a better place is what that editorial was all about.

Highlighting his good work and his common sense and noting it for all of Greater Boston to read (at least those who read Boston Globe editorials) is big medicine, as we like to say, for the popular East Boston councillor.

LaMattina’s leadership in this instance is outstanding.

His interest in making this neighborhood a better place to work in and to live is what that editorial was all about.

We are proud to add our voice to the discussion about aesthetics here and in all of Boston’s neighborhoods.

The time has come to put a stop to satellite dishes being mounted on the fronts of buildings and three decker homes.

They should be like small children at a fancy dinner party – not see and not heard.

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