Gambling Commission Choices Being Made

Time is rapidly approaching when the State’s newly authorized gambling commission must be in working order and ready for the mandate set by the Legislature when it passed the expanded gambling bill which allows casinos in Massachusetts.

The timely naming of the commissioners is important to East Boston as we are in the running for a casino at Suffolk Downs.

It is now up to State Treasurer Steven Grossman and Attorney General Martha Coakley to make their choices and to name them and to have them sworn in to join the governor’s chairperson, who was named last month.

That being said, these important appointments are expected before the end of March and then it is on to the commission setting itself up and creating regulations and a working schedule.

This will include mitigation packages for East Boston and Revere, and Chelsea and Winthrop and will include as well the referendum required for host cities East Boston and Revere.

We await the naming of the commissioners.

Then as they say at Suffolk Downs, its off to the races.

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