Lowell Richards

The death of Lowell Richards is a loss for East Boston, for his family and for all of us who knew him and respected the good work he did as the head of development for Massport.

Mr. Richards was a self-effacing type totally without bluster who disliked the limelight.

Over the years of his service at the airport he became a true friend of East Boston and he came to love this place.

He wasn’t your average public servant.

Mr. Richard’s heritage was that of a man who came from an old New England family who could have stayed at home without ever working a day in his life.

Yet his real interest was in working and developing relationships and having his life add up to something more than a great heritage well served.

He started out as a deputy mayor of Boston with the late Kevin White and the rest of his life of service to others is history.

His most recent effort at developing the Seaport area of Boston had his signature all over it.

He was a man who kept himself physically fit. He often worked out, watched what he ate and kept his body in good shape.

This makes his sudden death from a heart attack on Super Bowl Sunday all the more impossible to understand.

We have lost a well-spoken, well-educated, kindly sort of man with his death.

We know his colleagues to a person at Massport are devastated by his loss.

Our condolences to his family.

Lowell Richards was a good man.

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