Eastie Swimmers Split Week

After losing a regular season swim meet to archrival Latin Academy last Tuesday, the East Boston High School coed swim team finished third in the Boston City League Championship this week.

Latin Academy took their 21st title in the 22-year history of the event followed by O’Bryant and Eastie.

The Aqua Jets scored 51-points during the event, 26 points shy of a second place finish but far behind the talented Latin Academy team who racked up 141 points during the championship meet.

Eastie finished 1-8-1 on the season but Coach Dave Arinella said the record does not reflect the team’s accomplishments this season.

“We had a great season as far as accomplishments,” said Arinella. “In every race this season our swimmers’ times got better and better to the point where they all qualified for the sectionals.”

Eastie’s Isaias Joya broke a school record for the 50 meter free style in his first year of competing with a time 25.04 seconds.

Then there was the Fab Four made up of sophomores Charles Paizante, Isaias Joya Mateo Galeano, and Ben Lara.

“The Fab Four will be world-class swimmers when they are seniors because every time they got in the poll they just kept getting faster,” said Arinella. “These kids will make headlines next year because as sophomores they were right there nose to nose with the best swimmers in the city all season.”

Eastie competed in Division 1 this year, another reason Arinella says the record doesn’t reflect the swim team’s true abilities in the water.

“Someone could look at that record and say this coach is nuts but I tell you these swimmers went toe to toe with ironclad swimmers in Division 1,” said Arinella. “This was probably the best year coaching I had and was the most fun because as a coach you have to make sure you are teaching your swimmers and they are improving. These kids definitely improved all season.”

Arinella gave a special salute to team captain and Eastie High senior Mike Miranda.
“What a great swimmer and gentleman he has been for the high school over the years,” said Arinella. “We are really going to miss him because he was truly the school ambassador for our swim team and did a great job all year for us in the breast stroke competition.”

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