The Waterfront: East Boston Finally Has Its Moment Under the Sun

The highlight of Mayor Menino’s speech to the Boston Chamber of Commerce made Tuesday morning at the Copley Plaza Hotel is that he has asked the Boston Redevelopment Authority to begin the process of creating an East Boston Waterfront Development District.

The mayor called this a jump-start. For the long underdeveloped East Boston waterfront the mayor’s announcement comes as exciting news filled with potential. It is hardly a jump-start. It is in reality a home run, a winning touchdown, a Stanley Cup victory if you don’t mind.

The mayor said he will pulling together developers, unions, and community stakeholders in the next 90 days to put this bold plan in action. And it is a bold action, finally and forever making the East Boston waterfront come alive.

The potential is endless, according the mayor, and he is absolutely correct.

There are a few miles of fabulous waterfront here, a number of huge open parcels available for development, as many as 1800-3000 new units of residential real estate can be built, and thousands of jobs can be created.

The mayor estimates at least a $500 million in new construction  and capital improvement bonanza for East Boston and this would just be the start of much bigger things to follow. He is right, again.

His announcement that the city is going to finance a new marine terminal in East Boston is stunning – a commitment unlike any other ever suggested in modern times to connect this neighborhood with its maritime past. Soon, East Boston will be able to point to more than just its history with regard to the sea. Its maritime place in Boston Harbor will create a new history and a bustling East Boston waterfront, which will be incredible.

The mayor shares our vision – that is – that East Boston looks out across the Mystic River, offering dramatic views of Boston’s soaring skyline – views far more dramatic than those from Boston looking in the direction of East Boston.

Mayor Menino’s dream, his vision for East Boston and its waterfront is exactly what this neighborhood has needed for the past 50 years, longer, really.

An East Boston Waterfront District will revolutionize development along Eastie’s grand shoreline long abused and largely empty of hope and a real vision.

Our shoreline is the Last Hurrah for the city when it comes to developing gorgeous waterfront property.

We are not surprised the mayor is willing to summon the full financial and creative resources of the city to bring to life the sleepy East Boston waterfront.

This edict has been a long time coming.

We thank him for it.

Now lets get to work!

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