A Game of Around the World: Kenneth Ramos Will Represent the Boston Public Schools on a Cross-cultural Exchange Program with China

East Boston High School basketball player Kenneth Ramos will be one of eight students chosen to represent the Boston Public Schools and the city during a cross-cultural exchange program with China.

Ramos will be leaving with his team on the 10-day trip on Wednesday where he and his teammates from seven Boston schools will compete in a basketball tournament against Chinese high school students in Beijing.

Sponsored by the Americans Promoting Study Abroad the trip is a way to promote cross-cultural exchange for students that have never traveled internationally.

Ramos was chosen by EBHS Headmaster Michael Rubin after recommendations by his teachers and coach.

Ramos, an avid martial arts fan, has long dreamed of traveling to China to get a first hand glimpse of a culture he admires. He will even get a chance to meet his idol, martial artist and movie star Jackie Chan.

According to the student’s itinerary, aside from playing hoops they will visit to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the landmarks of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

But on the last night, Ramos said he will have the honor of meeting Chan because the students will attend a concert with pop star will.i.am and Chan himself.

Ramos plans to tell the actor that he is his biggest fan.

To prepare for the trip, Ramos and his teammates have been taking basic Mandarin lessons and learning about what to expect when traveling in China.

Local businesses have also pitched in to help Ramos and the team travel first class with New Balance, Boston Scholar Athlete Program and Boston Celtics purchasing sneakers and basketball shoes, duffle bags, jerseys and warm up jackets for the team.

Brooks Brothers also donated eight navy, single-breasted, notched-lapel suit jackets, for Ramos and teammates to wear pre- and post-game press conferences.

“It’s so important that, graduating from high school, our students are educated to be able to interact with other people across the globe,’’ Superintendent Carol Johnson said last week at an information meeting for the students going to China. “We have to help them appreciate and value cultures across the world and develop the skills and knowledge to navigate outside the United States.’’

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