Aides Lend Aid: Madaro, DeAraujo Praised for Their Efforts to Help Displaced Residents

Ernani DeAraujo

Two unsung heroes of the disaster that unfolded last week on Chelsea Street with the collapse of one building, the subsequent demolition of another and the displacement of dozens of East Boston residents are being applauded for their work helping the families in need.

State Representative Carlo Basile’s Legislative Aide Adrian Madaro and Mayor Thomas Menino’s Neighborhood Liaison Ernani DeAraujo worked tirelessly around the clock for close to two weeks ensuring families had food, clothes and shelter.

“They did an unbelievable job,” said Basile. “Adrian and Ernani were on the scene of the disaster

Adrian Madaro

every day, sometimes for over 12 hours, helping the residents and making sure they received the proper help.”

The Mayor commented that he was very proud of the work that his neighborhood coordinator and Madaro did for the displaced residents.

“I want to thank these guys for making sure every family had a roof over their head to organizing an impressive fundraising event to help residents recover essential belongings–everyone has pulled together to go above and beyond their duties as public servants to show how a strong community helps each other out in a time of crisis,” said Menino.

The remaining buildings that still stand around the collapsed and demolished properties at 47-45 Chelsea Street. State Representa¬tive Carlo Basile’s legislative Aid Adrian Madaro and Mayor Thom¬as Menino’s neighborhood liaison Ernani DeAraujo have worked around the clock to help the families impacted by the disaster.

When the disaster first struck, DeAraujo and Madaro were faced with helping around 70 displaced people from the apartments at 53, 45, 43, and 41-39 Chelsea Street.

In less than a week, DeAraujo and Madaro made sure everyone in need had been cared for and provided with food and support as needed.

“I want to thank all the restaurants in Eastie that have stepped up to provide food and to the East Boston Health Center for providing food vouchers and care packages for the many displaced children,” said DeAraujo.

As of today, there are about 15 individuals still without a place to stay and are being placed in a temporary shelter at the Paris Street Gym. Red Cross and the City are staffing the building.

On Chelsea Street, debris is still being removed this week and residents in the radius of the still standing buildings will be evacuated during the day while work is being done. About 40 impacted residents will be able to use a day room at the Paris Street Pool where they will have food, T.V., and a place to rest.

“This has been an extraordinary week in our neighborhood and we are so proud that we’ve come together to help our neighbors in need,” said Madaro. “The remaining families still need housing, so please let us know if you are aware of apartments in the area.”

If you have any questions about how to help the families or the situation in general, please call Ernani DeAraujo at 617 593 0418 or Adrian Madaro at 617 593 3641.

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