A Business Model for Orient Heights

Models Yohanna Gaviria and Stephani Gonzalez walk the runway inside Chuma, A new modeling agency and beauty saloon opened by fashion guru Chuma Gaviria in East Boston.

Chuma Gaviria has always had a passion for fashion and style. Growing up in Colombia, Gaviria studied hairdressing and fashion before taking what he learned to Europe for several years.

“I lived in Barcelona, Spain doing fashion and styling before moving to the United States,” said Gaviria.

Gaviria has taken his experiences in both Colombia and Spain and opened a sleek new beauty salon and modeling agency in Orient Heights Square.

Chuma, located at 975 Saratoga St., opened in July and has been busy ever since. The inside has been meticulously rehabbed and designed by Gaviria with an ultra modern atmosphere.

The beauty salon side of Gaviria’s operation has everything from haircuts, styling, spa therapies, manicure and pedicure services as well as makeup.

However, the real unique feature of Chuma is the modeling agency where young aspiring models, both male and female, can learn the art of fashion modeling.

Gaviria has represented such successful models as Miss Teen Colombia and hopes to find more rising stars in Eastie.

“This is East Boston’s first modeling agency,” said Gaviria. “I saw that many girls in Massachusetts beauty pageants coming from this area so there was a need.”

Gaviria said when he takes a model under his wing they will learn everything about the business like how to walk the runway, pose for photographs to proper etiquette.

“I did all the work here in this new business so I’m committed to making this a success here in East Boston,” he said.

Already young women like Yohanna Gaviria and Stephani Gonzalez are making great progress in their new modeling careers thanks to Chuma.

“I’ve been doing this for three months now and it is fun and exciting,” said Gonzalez.

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