Accused Wife-killer Led Double Life in Eastie

The East Boston man who is being held in a gruesome murder plot in New Jersey after he allegedly convinced a New York man to sign over a share of an expensive Manhattan apartment house to him.

Kashif Pervaiz, 26, who claimed he went to Harvard, has apparently led a double life while residing in Eastie.

According to reports appearing in the New York Post, Pervaiz allegedly had his wife murdered shortly after Pervaiz got his share of the apartment building.

Prosecutors have accused Pervaiz of conspiring with a Billerica woman, Antoinette Stephen, 26, to shoot his wife last week, to wound him, and to make the crime look racially motivated.

Nazish Noorani, 27, was shot to death in Boonton, New Jersey, a small town about 35 miles from Manhattan. She was the mother of a three-year-old son who was unharmed.

Stephen of Billerica has been extradited to New Jersey to face trial there.

Both she and Pervaiz are being held in the Morris County Correctional facility in New Jersey.

Pervaiz is being held on $1 million bail.

Stephen’s bail was set at $5 million.

According to the Boston police, Pervaiz and his wife and child were living in an apartment on Waldemar Street.

In February of this year, police said they responded to the Waldemar Street address on a report of domestic violence. Police said they arrested Pervaiz for assaulting a woman – who was not his wife.

The woman later refused to press charges against Pervaiz.

The shooting death of his wife and his shooting come very close to resembling the Charles Stuart case of the late 1980’s.

Stuart shot his pregnant wife to death and then shot himself. He blamed the shootings on a black man. His story subsequently fell apart. He later jumped off the Tobin Bridge killing himself.

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