Capt. Mancini Provides the Lowdown on Crime Statistics

District 7 Captain Frank Mancini.

Crime in East Boston keeps on plummeting according to new crime statistics released by the District 7 Captain Frank Mancini.

The release of these new statistics is part of Mancini’s practice of providing regular crime updates to the residents and business owners of Eastie.

In 2010 Eastie saw just a 5.5 percent reduction in overall crime. But as of July of 2011, which marks the midpoint of the year, Eastie has had the biggest reduction in crime in the entire city.

Compared to the same time period last year there has been a 27 percent reduction in overall crime in the neighborhood.

“This reduction has been made possible by the hard work of District 7 officers and those that have worked with us in addressing important issues in the community,” said Mancini. So far this year, the Eastie community has had a 14 percent reduction in the category of violent crime, or street crime, which includes a nine percent reduction in robberies, and a 24 percent reduction in assaults.

“It’s important to understand that these violent crime reductions this year follow in the footsteps of a 26 percent drop in violent crime in 2010 in East Boston, including a 31 percent decrease in assaults and a 19 percent drop in robbery for that year,” said Mancini.  “Obviously, we are heading in the right direction with respect to street violence.”

Mancini said that he and officers at District 7 have been analyzing crime patterns in the neighborhood and focusing their efforts there.

“If crime is spiking in Eagle Hill or Maverick or Jeffries Point we will focus our efforts in those areas to ensure we tackle the problem,” said Mancini.

Other efforts have included keeping a close eye on some problem bars that affected the quality of life for many residents over the years.

“What we’ve been doing is placing a cruiser outside these establishments at closing as a deterrent,” said Mancini. “People will be less likely to hang around, act out or get into fights when they see a patrolman sitting outside.”

Mancini has also directed his officers to keep a close eye on all bars and restaurants in the neighborhood to make sure they are in compliance with their liquor and entertainment licenses.

“We are the policing agents for the licensing board,” said Mancini who had a lot of experience controlling bars during his tenure in Allston-Brighton where there are dozens of college bars. “We have stepped up our regular inspections of bars, formed an action plan with police and bar owners and will have a meeting this month so everyone is on the same page and bar owners understand their responsibilities as a liquor license holder in the Commonwealth.”

Looking at property crime so far this year, District 7 is also seeing significant reductions compared to last year. Property crime has decreased 29 percent through July of this year. This includes a 42 percent drop in residential break-ins, a 38 percent reduction in car breaks, a 35 percent reduction in auto theft, and a 47 percent decrease in commercial break-ins, such as businesses.

“I believe that these decreases are the result of hard work by the officers and increased visibility of uniformed personnel,” said Mancini.

Mancini also praised the work of community groups, residents and business owners around Eastie that have long worked alongside police to snuff out crime.

“The community groups have also played a large role in providing assistance and information that we can work with,” said Mancini. “I thank the business community for their continued cooperation in making East Boston a good place to live, work, and also to visit our many fine restaurants and shopping establishments without concern for their safety.”

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