Eastie Connection: Dimasi and the Neighborhood

Former Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi was convicted of seven out of nine charges in Federal Court last week, thus ending a very sorry chapter in his life. He awaits sentencing. Once the most powerful and popular legislators in the state, he is now almost entirely a man alone awaiting his fate at a sentencing hearing to be held in September.

There is nothing whatsoever to cheer about because DiMasi has been convicted.

He was no stranger to East Boston during his tenure in the House and in fact, was a great friend to this neighborhood.

His successor House Speaker Robert DeLeo started out in our neighborhood and remains a great friend of this neighborhood.

Like DiMasi, who grew-up in a cold water flat in Boston’s North End, DeLeo has humble roots here where he spent his early youth in a three decker house.

Unlike his former boss in politics, DeLeo has great humility and tends to be extremely careful about doing the right thing and the legal thing in all aspects of his political life.

DiMasi is shortly going away.

DeLeo will remain where he is.

East Boston has a great friend on Beacon Hill.

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