Traffic Slow-Down: Bridge Closure is Causing some Headaches

East Boston residents who tend to use the Meridian Street Bridge need to be reminded of the closure of the Chelsea Street Bridge.

Until December, the Chelsea Street Bridge is being closed to so the old drawbridge can be cut apart and carted away, after which the new bridge replacing it can be completed.

Until that time traffic flow over the Chelsea Street Bridge is being directed to the Meridian Street Bridge.

According to officials in Mayor Menino’s office, East Boston police officials have been in touch with Chelsea police officials and with Chelsea city hall about how best to deal with the added traffic caused by the closure of the Chelsea Street Bridge.

The results are extra paid police details to monitor and to direct traffic from the Chelsea side of the Meridian Street Bridge to the East Boston side and vice versa.

During the first week of operation with the Chelsea Street Bridge closed, the Meridian Street Bridge was more crowded with traffic but moving along nicely.

Until December, when the new Chelsea Street Bridge opens, it will be a bit of hassle and something for drivers to watch out for and to pay attention to.

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