A Rising Star: EBNHC Facility is going to be a Grand Addition

The grand new health center building now rising in Maverick Square – the new East Boston Neighborhood Health Center facility – is now taking shape and form.

When it is completed six months from now, it will represent about the most exciting single investment development in Maverick Square in the last 100 years.

Not even the re-  doing of the Maverick Square Station impacted the Square the way this new health center is certain to do.

This facility will bring thousands of people into the square everyday, giving the square a new life and vitality adding to its already active nature.

For existing businesses and for those that will open inside the new facility (such as the café the Noviellos from Meridian Market will be opening) this new facility is all about doing more business and better business in an environment that is first class.

The square has in recent years been substantially upgraded and features many new businesses and smaller eateries.

All of them will be visited by the many thousands on their way to the new health facility and by those leaving the facility.

All of this comes to mind when viewing the new structure.

It is good to know that this major addition to Maverick Square will serve as a powerful business catalyst as well as to become the major place for health care in this neighborhood.

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